Every year worldwide,  many people decide to stop smoking and look after several options such as traditional nicotine replacement therapy ( NRTs) such as gums, transdermal patches, nasal sprays and oral inhalers. However,  find these ways quite ineffective in comparison to the tacky habit of smoking. Still, any alternative is needed to have opted. Therefore, many of them opt for vaping methods.

After making a stubborn decision of vaping, people usually come across the most common dilemma of choosing their first vaping machine. But before choosing the most suitable vaping kit, another question arises regarding how the vaping kit should be bought. Generally, one can choose out of three prominent options for online shopping, from Supermarkets or from vape shops. All three options have their own advantages and disadvantages. So let’s consider all three one by one. 

1. Online shopping

 Advantages:- In terms of price, chances are high to find affordable vapes than in vape shops. Moreover, you get uncountable options to choose from them. Even if you might not be sure about which vape you want, still you can compare different products and can decide on the most favourable one for you.

Disadvantages:- online shopping can be inconvenient for beginners as you can lack personal guidelines of anyone regarding how to use vaping kit. Even though all the information will be provided on the internet regarding different types of vaping kits, still for your decisions you will be solely responsible without any interactive advice from anyone.  Apart from this, you will not be able to enjoy immediate delivery of your products. Even if you are buying anything with the shortest delivery periods,  you would have to wait for at least 2 to 3 days.


2. Corner shops/ convenience stores

Advantages:- As per the expectations, corner shop are not the specialised stores of waving products .So, your experience is going to be very average, though you can get some vaping products at cheaper prices than vape shops with some specific reasons for that also. 


Disadvantages:- So here comes the main focus which is very relevant and could be experienced by anyone at convenience stores. First and foremost is the Limited choice. Generally,  you cannot always expect to have your desired vaping kit at store. Even the options which are generally given are not always up to the mark in terms of their quality.  Most often these available vaping kits are pod kits which need to be replaced completely when finished.  So, you cannot expect a long lasting usable product. In addition to this,availability of  flavours is also very limited and these flavours might be containing high nicotine levels. As a result, you would not be able to use high quantity of flavours which further indicate that such flavours are going to damage your device if usex in excess. Lastly, professional guidelines regarding vaping are exactly like a dream for anyone because corner shops commonly do not facilitate professionals, rather they provide you a staff who could help you to direct you to get your product and of course ,it is very understandable that corner shops are not specialised stores. So,there is no need for professional staff even .


3. vape shops

Advantages:- as their name suggest,these shops are specialised ones for providing an overall wonderful experience. your very first step at vape shop can be filled with the mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness. However, luckily you are going to get a complete guidelines according to your needs by knowledgeable staff .Even a small talk with such staff could help you to decide your best fit . you can get to know about  how to use those vaping kits such as changing the vaping coils and filling  them. Even you can get  practical explanation at the shop.


Disadvantages:- On the flip side of the coin, vape shops too have some prominent drawbacks. The first one is being costly than online stores. This extra price can be accounted on the part of the rent of vape shops and pay to be given to their staff . Secondly , Limited availability of vaping products is another noteworthy drawback .Generally, such stores only provide those products which are already famous among locals and stores could add other few  products just to make sure at least few additional options are available for their customers.


Selecting the type of vape :- 

After selecting the platform from where you want to buy vapes, one needs to decide which type of vape they want.


Broadly, vapes are of 2 types:- 

  1. Mouth to lung:- it is quite similar to the experience of cigarettet smoking .
  2. Direct lung :- it is a different type where vapours are directly passed to lungs without holding them in mouth which is generally preferred by those who already have  experience of mouth to lung vaping .

So , out of these 2 types mouth to lung type is most suitable for beginners. 

Selection of most suitable vaping kit :- 

Once one have decided to go with the mouth to lung vaping , further one needs to decide the type of vaping kit.

For mouth to lung vaping , there are 3 types of kits :- 

  1. Pen style :- these are elongated cylindrical kits which comprises of a single side button to power on or off with an internal battery . When powered on , e- juice start vaporizing and for charging , a port is also provided . Further , it either have a upper tank or an integral one in the battery , also known as AIO ( all in one ) . With this, affordable coils are provided which can also be replaced, when required. 
  2. Pod style:- these ones are more integrated than others . Their battery capacity is smaller . Further , in it proprietary pods are present which can be either replacable coils which are refillable ,  disposable open pods which are needed to be replaced when coils get damaged ; otherwise refillable or the last ones are fully closed pods which are always replaced when liquid finishes, without any refillable option. 
  3. Box style:- these are quite similar to pen style kits , but have better batteries. Hence, being broad , looking like a box . These have a screen and power buttons . Further, battery can be internal or replaceable.  


After all this , you just need to consider the battery capacities of diiferent kits and their shape to have unmatchable experience .

Selection of e- liquid:-

 For beginners , 50/ 50 liquids are suggested which are specialized for mouth to lung vaping . This type of liquids are preferred because of the experience they provide , they give better throat hit , mimicking the feel of cigarette smoking. Ahead , selection of flavour is your own choice . 

However, here most important thing to be considered is  regarding nicotine levels .

Preference should be given to lower nicotine levels initially and gradually doses could be adjusted , but this pace needs to be monitered wisely . Majorly , it will also depend on the number of times a person tend to smoke in a day . 

Trials could be done with your nicotine levels . Start with negligible ones and then experience vaping , if this does not get approved then try to increase the dose steadily until you find your appropriate level. In case you will feel unusual , level should be lowered and hence , slowly you will be able to decide perfect quantity of nicotine for you .