With all of the various bits and pieces involved, vape devices can appear quite complex from the outside. However, once you understand the various components and what they do, vapes become a lot less frightening and a lot more interesting!

As a beginner, you don’t need to know all the ins and outs of your device, but it’s a good idea to understand the basics because you may want to customise the settings once you gain more experience. Vape devices have slightly different components, but they all have a battery, an atomiser, a tank or cartridge, and require e-liquid to function. Continue reading to learn more about each of these components from a reputable New Zealand vape shop.

1. The Battery

The battery is responsible for powering the vape device. Depending on the device style, a vape will have an internal or external battery. Those with rechargeable internal batteries use lithium batteries because they perform the best. Internal batteries will eventually fail, necessitating the replacement of the entire device, whereas external battery devices can simply swap out old batteries for new ones.

2. The Vape Coil

The coil, also known as a vape atomiser, is the true star of any device because it produces vapour. The coil heats up when you use a vape. When the e-liquid comes into contact with the hot coil, it transforms into the flavorful vapour that exits the mouthpiece. Cotton is also an important component of the coil. The cotton absorbs the liquid and acts as a seal, preventing your juice from leaking out.

3. The Vape Tank

The vape tank holds the e-liquid until it goes through the coil. Some vapes have refillable tanks that can be topped up when the juice gets low. Other devices take prefilled pods, which come with a cartridge containing e-liquid and a coil. The lingo around tanks can get confusing, with cartomisers and clearomisers also on offer. Cartomisers simply have a coil built into the tank, while clearomisers are clear tanks that allow you to see the remaining e-liquid, so you know when you are getting low.

4. The E-Liquid

E-liquid is the substance that you put into your vape device to hold the nicotine and flavouring, though nicotine-free e-liquid is available. E-liquid is known by many different names, including vape juice, e-juice, and vape liquid, but they all mean the same thing. The base of every vape juice will be made of vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). The ratio of these two substances determines whether you get massive, dense vapour production or thinner clouds with more throat hit.

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