Al Fakher Grenadine Flavour 50G


Al Fakher Grenadine Flavour

* 50 Gram In Pack *

Sku Code : PK 00033

Description :

Grenadine (Pomegranate) Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco is a bold and bright shisha tobacco flavour that we highly recommend picking for your next smoke session. This sweet and fruity hookah tobacco brings out a pleasantly tart cherry-like flavor of Pomegranates, the flavour source of grenadine syrup, which is an ingredient in many popular mixed drinks. The clouds on this Grenadine. This is a great shisha to smoke alone, or in a fruity hookah flavour mix.

Features :

*Good quality and uniqueness

*100% Genuine Products

*Flavour 50 gram each Pack

*Refreshing smell and makes more smoke

*Long lasting and excellent quality flavours

*Ingredients : Flavoured Molasses Glyceine Artificial Flavour Natural Flavour Good Quality, Herbal

*Must be at least 18 years of age to purchase.*

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