Millions of people intend to quit their smoking habit every year, but very few of them succeed. You may be one from such a list which must have tried to stop smoking but would have failed to do so due to any reason. It might be your first try or your one more try, but the fact is you are actually on a journey to get rid of our depressive and unsafe practice of cigarette smoking.
Even the Centers For Disease Control and Prevent (CDC) report has demonstrated that every year the success rate of adult cigarette smokers in quitting smoking is even less than one in ten.
What could be more depressing than this!
So here the question arises why is it so?
The most prominent reason is the addictive nature of cigarette products. Those who have been smoking for years become dependent on the chemical compounds of tobacco. In the absence of such chemicals, their brain triggers several hazardous effects in their body.
Therefore, in such a situation, it is better to summarise that body of an addicted smoker works under the action of chemicals which do not let the smoker’s body function properly without smoking. As a result, it becomes hard for smokers to quit their cigarette smoking habits.
However, more important to note is that it is not the nicotine of tobacco leaves but the other harmful compounds of cigarette that get inhaled by smokers and causes deadly diseases.
So it is conclusively clear that traditional smoking of paper cigarettes is harmful, even though many companies tend to indicate that their products consist of filters which halt toxic compounds from being inhaled by the smokers. So what should be done to eliminate such poisonous factors and leave behind the habit of smoking!
So, vaping is one of the best alternatives.
Vaping could be a better method to quit smoking as it does not let you inhale harmful chemicals, and you only get flavoured vapours of nicotine.
There are many benefits of vaping over the use of paper cigarettes. Such as:-

  • Vaping produces fewer toxins
  • Strength of nicotine could be adjusted in vaping tools
  • Vapors do not linger in the air
  • Passive vaping is less harmful than passive smoking

1. Vaping produces fewer toxins:-

Traditional smoking practices are more harmful as they contain at least 600 ingredients which further produce 7000 different types of toxins when burned.

More astonishingly, many of these ingredients are carcinogenic, which causes various types of cancers and the growth of tumours in the smoker’s body.

Apart from this, the harmful gases of cigarettes, after getting produced, get mixed with the air and blocks the supply of oxygen to breathe in. Moreover, the supply of oxygen to the blood gets halted and can cause lung cancers or even death.

However, in the case of vaping, vapours are produced which are not toxic and do not lead to diseases.

2. Strength of nicotine can be adjusted in vaping tools:-

Vaping allows you to maintain the strength of nicotine in vapes. You are exclusively free to choose the flavours of your own choice. According to your need, you can set the level of nicotine.

To quit your cigarette smoking habit, starting from optimum nicotine levels, you can steadily shift toward slow levels of nicotine vapours. By doing so, your metabolism will gradually become normal without experiencing a sudden stoppage of nicotine supply. It even, more importantly, helps you to boost your health. Consequently, you would start feeling more fresh and relaxed.